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Frequently Asked          Questions

When will I receive my first newsletter?

Our goal is to send you one of our penny stocks to watch every two weeks. However the market can be up & down. We may sometimes take a little more time in order to make a smart decision. We would much rather take a bit more time and send you a pick with what we believe has GREAT potential , than rush the selection process.

Will I always make money if I follow your penny stock picks?

NO! Making money in the stock market is EXTREMELY difficult and you should NEVER invest anything you can not afford to lose. We are not financial advisors, we are a penny stock newsletter.

5 Tips To Trading Penny Stocks

Trading History: Examine a company's trading history and pay attention to spikes and dips to determine if there is a trading pattern.

 Trading Volume: Look for penny stocks to watch with a history of high volumes of shares being traded at a stable consistency.
 Industry Trends: When doing your research on penny stocks to watch, get an idea of the industry the company is operating is within.
 Profit Margin: Probably the most obvious tip, one so obvious that it can't be skipped, is to look at the company's profit margin.
Exit Strategy: Go into your investments with a strategy. Know what your limits are and what makes the most financial sense for you.


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